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Repair vs. Replace

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August 15, 2019

A motor can do its job well if maintained properly, but nothing lasts forever. When you lose a motor, the decision to repair that motor, or replace it with a new one can be a tough call. While a repair will most likely be less expensive than a new motor, what happens if the problem is not addressed? Will two repairs be cheaper than a new motor? Five repairs? Twenty?

Electric Motor Repair

Here at Eagle Electric, we won’t just fix the single problem that you are having. We study your motor, analyze it for the base problems. If the cause of the malfunctions is handled, there will be no need for repeated repairs. According to PlantServices.com some of the most important factors to consider during repair is cost of downtime and availability of a replacement. This is why Eagle Electric excels at what it does. Eagle can have a spare motor delivered and installed on your site while your motor is being repaired at our facility. Once your motor is repaired and tested, we replace the spare with your newly repaired motor, and bring the spare back to our facility.

Electric Motor Replacement

Although we can repair anything you bring us, there is an end of the line for every machine. If a motor has consistent malfunctions with differing causes, it may be time to replace the motor. Replacement may be more expensive at first, but newer motors are more energy efficient. Lower costs to run the motor and getting more work from the motor may be most cost efficient in the long term. If it is time to buy a new electic motor to replace your old one, Eagle Electric Machinery is an authorized distributor of ABB motors, with inventory stocked with electric motors from 10-200 horsepower. Our team can work with you for whatever equipment you may need.

The choice to repair or replace to be a hard one. At Eagle Electric Machinery, we have the team to help you make that call, and then follow through with it. Whether it’s a rewind or a replacement, Eagle has you covered.


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