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Explore Top Electric Motor Brands with Eagle Electric Sales

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Welcome to Eagle Electric Machinery, where our Eagle Electric Motor Sales cater to a broad audience seeking quality and diverse motor solutions.

What brands of electric motors does Eagle Electric Machinery distribute?

Our inventory boasts a range of trusted brands, including ABB/Baldor, Siemens, US/Nidec, WEG, and many others, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your requirements.

Can I find ABB/Baldor electric motors at Eagle Electric Machinery?

Absolutely, as an authorized distributor, we offer a variety of ABB/Baldor motors renowned for their reliability and performance.

Does Eagle Electric Machinery offer Siemens electric motors?

Yes, Siemens motors, known for innovation and efficiency, are a significant part of our Eagle Electric Motor Sales lineup.

What is the range of motor horsepower available at Eagle Electric Machinery?

We provide motors ranging from fractional horsepower up to 200 horsepower, with options to order sizes beyond this range as needed.

Can I purchase US/Nidec motors from Eagle Electric Machinery?

Indeed, US/Nidec motors are available, offering a blend of power and precision for various industrial applications.

Are WEG electric motors available at Eagle Electric Machinery?

WEG motors are in our inventory, providing customers with a choice of high-quality motors for diverse industrial needs.

What types of Teco/Westinghouse motors does Eagle Electric Machinery have?

Our selection includes Teco/Westinghouse motors, which are ideal for applications requiring robust and durable motor solutions.

Does Eagle Electric Machinery sell Toshiba electric motors?

Toshiba electric motors, synonymous with reliability, are part of our extensive selection, ready to meet your operational demands.

Can I find GE electric motors at Eagle Electric Machinery?

General Electric (GE) motors, with their legacy of quality, are certainly available through our Eagle Electric Motor Sales.

Are Marathon electric motors part of Eagle Electric Machinery’s inventory?

Marathon motors, which are known for their durability, are a staple in our product offerings, suitable for a variety of industrial uses.

What Sew-Eurodrive motors are available at Eagle Electric Machinery?

We offer Sew-Eurodrive motors, ensuring you have access to motors that are engineered for efficiency and performance.

Does Eagle Electric Machinery offer Nord brand electric motors?

Nord brand motors, with their innovative drive solutions, are also a part of our comprehensive motor sales.

Can Eagle Electric Machinery provide electric motors above 200 horsepower?

For demands exceeding 200 horsepower, we can supply motors to meet even the most challenging industrial requirements.

What size motors can I find at Eagle Electric Machinery?

From compact fractional motors to larger industrial sizes, our selection is vast, meeting an array of size specifications.

How to order custom-size motors from Eagle Electric Machinery?

Contact our sales team, and we’ll assist you with ordering custom-sized motors tailored to your specific needs.

Is Eagle Electric Machinery an authorized distributor for multiple electric motor brands?

As an authorized distributor, we proudly offer a multitude of electric motor brands, ensuring quality and authenticity.

What is the availability of fractional horsepower motors at Eagle Electric Machinery?

Fractional horsepower motors are readily available, perfect for applications where space and efficiency are paramount.

Can I get a specific brand of electric motor through Eagle Electric Machinery’s inventory?

Our vast inventory is likely to have the specific brand you seek, and if not, we can procure it for you promptly.

To explore our full range of electric motors and find the right solution for your business, visit Eagle Electric Machinery’s New Motor Sales page.


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