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The Importance of Motor Winding

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What part of your motor needs to be rewound? The stator core, this core is the stationary part of the engine that creates a rotating magnetic field. There are many things that require the stator core to be rewound. You may have an issue such as shorted or grounded coils, or insulation failure. However, some problems will damage your motor beyond what a rewinding can fix, such as bearing failures that cause the iron armatures to grind on the stator. When you find that your motor is having an issue, determine if there are any contaminations like rust, water, grease, or oil, and check to see if there are any obvious damages like broken mounts or burning that would indicate you might need larger repairs.

Once you have determined if the motor is damaged beyond what rewinding can fix, we can take a look at the steps you’ll need to take to determine if your motor does need to be rewound. 

Step one: One way to find out if your coils are shorted, is to check the winding resistance. The correct ambient resistance of the windings should be recorded on the motor’s nameplate. If you find that the readings of your test do not match with the reading on the nameplate you will likely need to rewind your motor.

Step two: The most common issue that causes a motor to need a rewinding is a low insulation resistance. This is an unavoidable problem, as it is caused by age, vibrations, temperature changes, power surges, and excessive heat. Insulation resistance can be checked between windings. If you are testing your insulation resistance, you will want to check to see if the value is between 2M ohms minimum, and 100M ohms.

So why should you rewind your motor? It can revitalize the motor and extend its lifespan! It is also cheaper than replacing the entire motor. If the rest of your motor is in working condition, a rewind may be what you need to keep your motor going for even longer.

Eagle Electric Machinery rewinds

If you find that you DO need to get your motor rewound, Eagle Electric Machinery has expert mechanics ready to rewind your motor. We can rewind AC motor to 10,000 horsepower 6,900 volts, DC motor rewinds to 5,000 horsepower 750 volts, and generator rewinds to 5,000 kilowatts. Our mechanics are provided with the most advanced equipment that can determine if your winding coils are in need of rewinding, if they have already gone beyond repair, or if they are good to go. Call us at 337-625-2070 to get your motor rewound or repaired now.


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