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4 Signs of Electric Motor Failure

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1. Overloading

When your engine has an excessive current flowing through this motor this can cause the motor to fail. The overload can be caused by multiple issues including low voltage, short circuited conductors, or excessive voltage.

2. Over Heating

Over 55% of motor failures are due to overheating. This can be caused by poor power quality or operating the machine in an environment that is too high of a temperature. You must try to keep motors as cool as possible to prevent this.

3. Moisture/Dirt

Moisture and dirt can periodically get inside a motor and cause erosion and rust. Dirt can also impact the winding of the motor and cause the temperature to rise. Always try and take steps to keep motors clean and dry. Store the motor in a climate controlled environment if possible.

4. Vibration

Vibration is caused by having the motor in an unstable position where it isn’t on a suitable surface. There could also be other issues with the motor such as broken internal parts, misalignment, or corrosion. If your motor is experiencing these problems you may need to contact an electric motor repair shop. At Eagle Electric Machinery we can tell you whether it is better to repair or replace the electric motor and ensure that all vibration is out of the motor and it is restored to proper condition.


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